Bunn Hill Photo (Randy Cummings) | Photo Essay: Brick Factory in Vietnam
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Laborer loading finished bricks into a truck for transport.I took these photos on two separate trips to Chau Phu, in 2011 & 2012.These bricks came by barge from a kiln across the river.This is a typical small brick factory.  There are several in the Chau Phu area.Women loading kiln -dried bricks for transport.Brick factories are usually family-owned businesses, operated in the backyard.This is the kiln where bricks are firedA factory will usually have two or more kilns.It all begins with the clay-based mud that is brought to the factories for compacting and shapingUsually the mud comes in on barges and must be carried out of the boat and taken to the brick yardPiles of square mud for the factoryThe wet mud is very heavyLoaded on a cart, it is pushed into the factory.Some factories use motorized equipmentIn the brick yard, the mud is placed into a compactor and shaperYouth feeding a compactorRemoving the compacted and shaped bricksThe shaped bricks are loaded on to carts and taken to drying yardsThese are solid bricksThe mud bricks are left to dry in the sun for a few weeks

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This is an amazing gallery of images. I have never seen anything like this before. What hard work and it is difficult to believe that so many bricks can be carried in such a manner. Fascinating! How fortunate to be able to photograph this.
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