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This is a recent head shot session.  As you can see, there were many poses and costume changes.The session lasted about an hour, which is normal.Michael brought his own make-up person to prep him for the shoot.I can also arrange for a top-notch make up artist if necessary.Notice, too, that several poses are very  similar, but exposure & saturation varies.This is intentional, because some clients like to see different presentations.This session came out very well and pleased both the client and the photographer.The session's final product is a CD with all these images.I provide a printer release so you can get the images printed freely at your convenience.I can also arrange for 8x10 printing from my printer in NYC at reasonable prices and 5 star quality.How much did this session cost?  Only $100.Contact me or call: (607) 785-0176 for appointment.Michael is on Facebook, so contact him if you want to ask him questions about the session.You can see many examples of my head shot images on this website.