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Ethnic Cham girl, Kompot, Cambodia (rural southern part of country)Retail wood products, Kompot, CambodiaStreet scene, Kompot, CambodiaDriver, Kompot, CambodiaSalt production, Kompot, CambodiaProduce hauling, central market, Kompot, CambodiaCrabbing, Kompot, CambodiaYoung girl playing with palm fronds used for thatching, Kompot, CambodiaWine seller, Kompot, CambodiaLady in the market, Kompot, CambodiaConstruction workers, Kompot, Cambodiafruit seller, Kompot, CambodiaBus station, Ha Tien, VietnamCambodian bride, Kompot, CambodiaMason, Kompot, CambodiaDriver, Ha Tien, VietnamBeauty salon, Kompot, CambodiaBoy or girl, two kids are enough, Ha Tien, VietnamCambodian family, Kompot, CambodiaSalt production, Kompot, Cambodia